Scientific Calendar Event

Starts 5 Jun 2023 09:00
Ends 10 Jun 2023 02:30
University of Rwanda, Kigali

Physics Without Frontiers and East African Institute for Fundamental Research are organizing a School on Computational Materials Science in Kigali, Rwanda. It is directed towards final year undergradute and graduate students of physics, chemistry, biophysics and engineering with interest in this field.

The goal of the school is to popularize computational materials science and to help create a materials-science core at the University of Rwanda. Materials science is influencing our lives in many ways. Today, more than ever, it is of great importance to understand and predict properties of new materials and to find best ways of utilizing them. Research and development in this field has produced biofuels, hydrogen for fuel and electricity, petrochemicals, medicines, methods for reducing environmental pollution and created the basis of the modern computing world.

This school will cover fundamental concepts, tools and applications in the materials science through a number of lectures and presentations given by scientists from ICTP and Rwanda. The school is dedicating ample space to hands-on sessions and scientific discussions.

N. Stojic (ICTP, Italy)
Akin-Ojo (EAIFR, University of Rwanda)
Abhishek Kumar Adak (ICTP, Italy)

N. Stojic (ICTP, Italy)
U. Morzan (ICTP, Italy)
M. Stella (ICTP, Italy)
S. Narasimhan (JNCASR, India)
N. Seriani (ICTP, Italy)
I. Girotto (ICTP, Italy)
A. Adak (ICTP, Italy)
A. Offei-Danso (Germany)
O. Akin-Ojo (EAIFR, University of Rwanda)

(Deadline for applying EXPIRED on 14th May 2023)