Scientific Calendar Event

Starts 1 Jun 2023 11:00
Ends 1 Jun 2023 12:00
Central European Time
Hybrid Seminar
Luigi Stasi Seminar Room + Zoom

Matteo Jugovac
(Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste S.C.p.A.)
The integration of graphene with ferromagnetic materials has been the subject of extensive research in recent years due to its potential for revolutionizing the field of spintronics. Graphene is a two-dimensional material with remarkable electronic properties, while ferromagnetic materials can exhibit long-range spin order, making the combination of these two materials an attractive platform for spin-based applications such as magnetic sensors, spin filters, and spin valves. This talk will discuss three key aspects of this field.
First, the growth of graphene/ferromagnet interfaces is examined, including the different methods used to prepare these interfaces, such as the direct growth of graphene on ferromagnetic substrates and the recrystallization of graphene. In particular, the focus is given to the challenges associated with each method and the progress that has been made in optimizing the quality of the interface.
Second, the electronic states that emerge at the graphene/ferromagnet interface are explored, including the use of angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy (ARPES) to probe the electronic structure of these interfaces and the emergence of spin-polarized states. As a study case, the relation between the rotational graphene domains and the spin-polarized electronic structure of the interface is presented.
Finally, the intercalation of different compounds at the graphene/ferromagnet interface is demonstrated, focusing on the use of intercalation to modify the electronic properties of the interface.
Overall, this talk provides a comprehensive overview of the field of graphene/ferromagnet interfaces, covering the growth of the interfaces, the emergence of spin-polarized electronic states, and the intercalation of different compounds.