Scientific Calendar Event

Starts 26 May 2023 11:00
Ends 26 May 2023 12:00
Central European Time
Galileo Guest House - Fibonancci Room
Via Beirut, 7
Active matter systems, which may involve the study of the combined actions of self-propelled particles, have gained attention as a novel research field with widespread applications. Previous investigations have highlighted that the presence of self-propulsion is responsible for the emergence of collective phenomena among interacting particles, phenomena that do not arise when particles solely rely on thermal and diffusive effects for their motion. In this research, we demonstrate the influence of self-propulsion on the formation of clusters in a binary mixture of active patchy-particles. These particles interact through both attractive and repulsive short-ranged forces. Gaining a deeper comprehension of such collective behaviors, along with others observed in active matter, holds the potential for future technological advancements.