Scientific Calendar Event

Starts 8 Aug 2023 10:00
Ends 10 Aug 2023 12:55
Central European Time
Royal University of Bhutan
This workshop, held at the Royal University of Bhutan is designed to empower faculty members in the physical sciences to develop effective teaching, cutting-edge research, and foster global collaboration. In partnership with volunteers at the University of Sussex, this ICTP Physics Without Frontiers programme will work to support the faculty at the Royal University of Bhutan to develop and modernise their BSc curriculum, and to update and expand their lab courses and materials. A session on research development and infrastructure will be held, followed by discussion on global collaboration and opportunities, and finally looking at the societal impact of research and education by making partnerships with industry, and engaging with policy makers and with the wider community to improve scientific literacy. The programme is open for members of faculty at the Royal University of Bhutan to attend only.
Note TimeZone is in CET (Rome time)