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Starts 23 Nov 2023 14:00
Ends 25 Mar 2024 00:00
RevoScience Media, Nepal and Tribhuvan University

Holographic Himalaya is a research journal club on “Quantum Information of Space-time and Matter,” which will run for six months with a target of 15 bachelor’s and master’s students. Additionally, students will be divided into groups and assigned a specific topic and well-defined research problem.

The program is hybrid, with weekly virtual and monthly on-site sessions. Due to the project’s multidisciplinary nature, students can explore state-of-the-art research in various fields of theoretical physics.

  • Wormholes and their Relation to Holography
  • Random Matrix Theory applications in Kathmandu Bus systems
  • Quantum supremacy hunt in Nuclear physics paradigm
Eligibility and Commitment:
Students from Bachelor and Master levels from Nepal with a background in theoretical physics and willing to commit for six months. Priority will be given to students in the final year looking for Bachelor’s and Master’s projects.

Minimum of three hours per week. There will be a weekly virtual discussion of the progress and frequent Virtual talk by international experts.

Programme Website:

This course is only open to students in Nepal studying Bachelor or Master level physics who  have a background in theoretical physics. Please check the eligibilty and apply here.

Organizing Committee

Project coordinator:
Kiran Adhikari, Technical University of Munich, PhD Student

Local coordinators:
Laxman Dangol, RevoScience Media, Nepal, Editor
Dr. Lekha Nath Mishra, Head of Department, Department of Physics Patan Multiple Campus, TU

Prof. Dr. Udayraj Khanal, Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu, Professor
Prof. Dr. JeevanJyoti Nakarmi, Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu, Professor

Natarajan Shriethar , Alagappa University, Karaikudi
Rajeev Singh, Stony Brook University
Maria Poxleitner, Munich Quantum Valley, Germany
Alexandre Belin, Milan Bicocca U
Pratik Kafle, Michigan State University
Yadav P. Kandel, University of Rochester

RevoScience Media, Local coordinator: Laxman Dangol

Tribhuvan University, Local coordinator: Prof. Dr. JeevanJyoti Nakarmi

Partners: ICTP PWF, Tribhuvan University (Patan Multiple Campus, campus of Tribhuvan University), RevoScience Media, Ejalo Academy