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Physics Without Frontiers (PWF) and PhysicsLatam are delighted to announce the commencement of our distinguished seminar series, "Mathematics and High Energy Physics 2024" beginning on January 17, 2024. This prestigious series will feature a line-up of eminent scholars delivering lectures aimed at advancing our comprehension of Math and HEP.


The series is scheduled primarily on Fridays, offering presentations from foremost experts in mathematics and high-energy physics. Our goal is to create a space for the exchange of cutting-edge ideas and to share groundbreaking research findings, presented in an educational and accessible manner. 


We cordially extend an invitation to Latin American students, academicians, and researchers to join us in these exciting sessions.


For details regarding the seminar series, including a schedule of upcoming seminars, please visit our website. The list of forthcoming presentations can be found there as well (please scroll down for more information). Previous seminar series: Math & HEP 2023


To see the entire and updated list of speakers please visit



Zoom ID: 835 9644 8829

Password: HEPLatam

Time: Usually 10-12 (GMT-4), starting from January 17, 2024




Daniel Galviz, YMSC (Tsinghua University)

Jiaxi Cao (Jesse), (University of Cambridge)



All seminars in the series


Juan Maldacena, IAS - The Quantum Origin of Primordial Cosmological Fluctuations

(Inaugural Seminar: Wednesday 17 January 2023. Time: 10-12 GMT-4)


Cari Cesarotti, MIT - Beyond Standard Model

(Date: Thursday 18 January 2024. Time: 10-12 GMT-4)


Chien-Yeah Seng, Washington University - Chiral Perturbation Theory

(Date: Friday 19 January 2024. Time: 17-19 GMT-4)


Maria Belen Gavela, IFT-Madrid - Flavour Physics y Axions

(Date: Martes 23 January 2024. Time: 10-12 GMT-4)


Margarita Garcia Perez, IFT Madrid - Strongly coupled aspects of QFT

(Date: Monday 29 January 2024. Time: 10-12 GMT-4)


Luis Álvarez-Gaumé, Director of Simons Center for Geometry and Physics at Stony Brook - El discreto encanto de la simetría

(Date: Tuesday 30 January 2024. Time: 10-12 GMT-4)


Inaki Garcia Etxebarria, Durham University - Anomalies and Generalized Global Symmetries

(Date: A Series of Lectures.TBA)


Daniel Waldram, Imperial College London - Fluxes and Holonomy in String Theory

(Date: A Series of Lectures. TBA)


Elli Pomoni, DESY - Seiberg–Witten theory

(Date: A Series of Lectures. TBA)


Suvrat Raju, ICTS-TIFR - Current status on black holes and Information Paradox

(Date: A Series of Lectures. TBA)


Claudia Scheimbauer, TU München - TQFT and Higher Categories

(Date: TBA)


Francesco Benini, SISSA - Title TBA

(Date: TBA)


Natalie M. Paquette, Washington University - Title TBA

(Date: TBA)


Spenta R. Wadia, ICTS-TIFR- Title TBA

(Date: TBA)


David Berenstein, UC-Santa Barbara- Title TBA

(Date: TBA)


Alexander Altland, U. Cologne - Title TBA

(Date: TBA)


Eduardo, Martin-Martinez IQC & Perimeter - Title TBA

(Date: TBA)


Hiraku Nakajima, kavli Institute IPMU - Title TBA

(Date: TBA)


Nathan Jacob Berkovits, Director of ICTP-SAIFR - Title TBA

(Date: TBA)


Sakura Schafer-Nameki, Oxford University - Title TBA

(Date: TBA)


Kasia Budzik, Perimeter Institute - Title TBA

(Date: TBA)


Fernando Febres Cordero, Florida State University - Title TBA



Ashoke Sen, ICTS - Title TBA

(Date: TBA)


Ravi Vakil, Stanford U. - Title TBA

(Date: TBA)


Raman Sundrum, Maryland U. - Title TBA

(Date: TBA)


Reimundo Heluani, IMPA - Title TBA

(Date: TBA)


More to be announced.



Project Director

Daniel Galviz, YMSC (Tsinghua University)


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