Scientific Calendar Event

Starts 17 Jun 2024 07:00
Ends 21 Jun 2024 17:30
Department of Physics, University of Nairobi, Chiromo Campus (Nairobi)
The first School of Computational Techniques for Physics Students in Kenya (SCoTeP-K) will be held at University of Nairobi, Chiromo Campus, from June 17th to 21th, 2024. It aims to enhance the programming and computing skills of physics students in Kenya.

A five-day programme will be delivered by distinguished Kenyan and foreign physicists and computer scientists on the following topics:
  • Linux operating system and Unix
  • Python programming language
  • Basics of statistical data analysis
  • Introduction to machine learning
  • Git versionning.
Application examples will be drawn from nuclear and particle physics. Throughout the duration of the school, the emphasis will be put on hands-on practice. The school is open primarily to physics students from Kenya, with consideration given to applicants from East Africa based on funding availability.

Both BSc and MSc physics students, including recent graduates, are eligible to apply. All students will be accomodated nearby the Chiromo campus throughout the duration of the school.

The call for applications is now closed.

The school secretariat can be contacted at

Organising committee:
  • Dr. Ian Kaniu, University of Nairobi, Kenya
  • Dr. Lydia Roos, LPNHE, CNRS, France
  • Dr. Jeremiah Kebwaro, Karatina University, Kenya
  • Dr. James Mugambi, South Eastern Kenya University
  • Dr. Dimitris Varouchas, IJClab, CNRS and université Paris-Saclay