Scientific Calendar Event

Starts 3 Jun 2024 07:00
Ends 8 Sep 2024 09:00
Advanced Lectures on Theoretical Physics & Mathematics

Physics Latam will offer an online course in General Relativity & Cosmology for undergraduate and graduate students in Latin America.

The General Relativity and Cosmology, will be taught online from 3rd June to 8th Sept. 2024 by Esteban Chalbaud LIP-Coimbra (University of Coimbra), CERN (ATLAS) and Daniel Galviz at Yau Mathematical Science Center (Tsinghua University) and BIMSA China. Physics students from different universities in Latin America will be trained in general relativity and its applications to cosmology. Every approved student will receive an ICTP-PWF certificate at the end.

The application procedure is now open HERE. For more information visit our Website.

Goals and deliverables
Help students in Latin America by teaching lectures on theoretical physics, gravitation and cosmology.
Help students to be familiar with advanced and current research topics in theoretical physics. Students will solve weekly assignments on these topics.
Top students without MSc./Ph.D. will be mentored to pursue studies abroad, giving advice and recommendations about scholarships at international programs.

Esteban Chalbaud, LIP (University of Coimbra) & CERN (ATLAS)
Daniel Galviz, YMSC (Tsinghua University)

Teaching Assistants
Blanca Hergueta, Universität zu Köln
Lina Castiblanco, Newcastle University

Guest Speakers
Parameswaran Ajith, ICTS (Tata Institute of Fundamental Research)
Jan de Boer, University of Amsterdam
Elena Caceres, UT Austin
Paolo Creminelli, ICTP
Atish Dabholkar, ICTP
Song Wei, YMSC (Tsinghua University)

Project coordinator
Daniel Galviz, YMSC (Tsinghua University)