Scientific Calendar Event

Starts 1 Aug 2024 04:00
Ends 10 Sep 2024 17:00
This online school is aimed at undergraduate and graduate students from Bangladesh who have a basic understanding of special relativity and quantum mechanics. Speakers from different parts of the world will lecture on different aspects of Quantum Field Theory, starting from the very basics and leading to modern applications. The lectures will be held in three phases: in phase 1 we will cover the fundamentals, in phase 2 we will discuss more advanced topics, and in phase 3 we will have seminars on topics of current research by leading experts in the field. Homework problems will be provided by the lecturers, and discussion sessions on these problems will be held by teaching assistants.

Applicants are invited to register here for a journey to understand the basic principles of nature.
The registration period is from 01/06/2024 to 15/07/2024.
Students must have already completed courses on introductory quantum mechanics and special relativity. School completion certificates will be provided to students who complete the course.

Alongside ICTP, the partners of this school are Durham University, Masaryk University and BRAC University.

Prof. Nabil Iqbal (Durham University)
Dr. Ratul Mahanta (University of Winnipeg)
Dr. Tousik Samui (IISER Kolkata)
Gonzalo Villa (University of Cambridge)

Guest Speakers:
Prof. Fernando Quevedo (University of Cambridge/CERN)
Prof. Nabil Iqbal (Durham University)
Prof. Dionysios Anninos (King's College London)
Dr. Onirban Islam (University Of Potsdam)

Teaching Assistants:
Aviral Aggarwal (Masaryk University)
Sayeda Tashnuba Jahan (BRAC University)
Shafakat Arifeen (University of Alberta)
Mishaal Hai (University of Bologna)
Noshin Ferdous Shamma (University of Bologna)
S.M Masruk Uddin (Universite de Paris Saclay)