Scientific Calendar Event

Starts 16 Sep 2024 09:00
Ends 27 Sep 2024 19:00
Faculty of Sciences of Tunis, Tunis El-Manar University, Tunis, Tunisia
The Faculty of Sciences of Tunis and ICTP Physics Without Frontiers are organizing a school on computational materials science with emphasis on density functional theory and its applications in renewable energy and spintronics. 
The school will comprise  a combination of lectures, hands-on sessions using the Quantum Espresso software, and seminars. It aims to review  basic notions of solid-state theory, teach about density functional theory, and provide insights into its applications in renewable energy and spintronics.
The school programme includes lectures and seminars every morning during two weeks, and afternoons will be dedicated to the practical sessions. During the hands-on sessions  the participants will work on small-group projects which will be presented at the end of the school.
The school is open primarily to master's students in physics and
chemistry registered at Tunisian universities. The school will be
conducted in English, so sufficient knowledge of English to follow the
lectures is required.
Financial support:
Accommodation and  financial support for domestic transportation expenses (within Tunisia) to Tunis  might be available for master's students who want to attend the school and are registered at universities outside
For details, please see the registration form here.
Natasa Stojic, ICTP
Nicola Seriani, ICTP
Maha Hsouna, ICTP/SISSA
Anita Yadav, ICTP
Valerio Vitale, University of Trieste
Maha Hsouna (ICTP/SISSA)
Jouda Khabthani (Faculty of Sciences of Tunis-FST)
Walid Ouerghi (FST)
Houda Ben Abdallah (FST)
Khouloud Chika (FST)
Natasa Stojic (ICTP)
Sonia Haddad (FST)