Starts 29 Jan 2015 10:00
Ends 29 Jan 2015 18:00
Central European Time
Morning session                                                      
10:00-10:45            Peter McGrath (TWAS) "Movement Ecology: Local Perspectives involving Insects"

10:45-11:30            Adrian Tompkins (ICTP) "Modelling malaria transmission with the dynamical model VECTRI:  seasonal forecasting, climate change, land use change and population migration"

11:30-11:45            Break
11:45-12:30            Antonio Celani (ICTP)  "Scent tracking"

Afternoon session                                                                  
14:00-14:45            Francesca Malfatti (OGS) "Atomic Force Microscopy,  high-speed confocal laser microscopy and NanoSIMS study of marine Synechococcus-heterotrophic bacteria interaction reveals  species specificity and potential biogeochemical consequences"

14:45-15:30            Asja Jelic (ICTP) "Information transfer in moving animal groups: the case of  turning flocks of starlings"

15:30-15:45            Break
15:45-17:00            Discussion