Scientific Calendar Event

Starts 22 Aug 2016
Ends 26 Aug 2016
Central European Time
AGH (Kastler Lecture Hall)
Strada Costiera, 11 I - 34151 Trieste (Italy)

The goal of this Conference is to discuss "state of the art" in theory and experiment for quantum heat transport and thermoelectrics.

This Conference will focus on different aspects of heat transport and thermoelectric phenomena in the mesoscopic scale. The aim is to make the connection between the recent theoretical concepts and experimental advances in these fields, in different kinds of systems, including edge states of topological systems, quantum dots, superconducting junctions, magnetic systems, as well as hybrid systems of electrons and photons/phonons.

The topics include:
* Efficient quantum thermoelectrics, miniaturization, inelastic and nonlinear effects
* Heat transport in topological insulator materials and topological magnetic systems
* Quantum machines and energy harvesting in quantum devices
* Heat and information processing
* Thermometry in edge states of the quantum Hall effect
* Thermoelectrics of superconducting junctions
* Hybrid systems of electrons and photons/phonons
* Quantum systems under time-dependent driving
* Heat transport in systems with many-body interactions: quantum wires and quantum dots

**DEADLINE: 15/05/2016**


Liliana Arrachea, Felix von Oppen, Giulio Casati, Harmut Buhmann, Mikhail Kiselev,
ICTP Local Organizer: Mikhail Kiselev