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Starts 5 Dec 2016
Ends 16 Dec 2016
Central European Time
AGH (Kastler Lecture Hall)
Strada Costiera, 11 I - 34151 Trieste (Italy)
Change of venue
The Winter School on Quantitative Systems Biology will be held in the
Kastler lecture hall (Adriatico guest house, lower level 1)


The School is focused on the basic physical and biological principles of the development of multicellular organisms. The School aims at providing an integrated perspective of both experimental and theoretical approaches.

Multicellular organisms do not spring forth fully formed. Rather, they arise by a progressive change that leads from a single cell, the fertilized egg, to the formation of the adult body. Cell division and proliferation is highly orchestrated and responds both to internal programs and external cues, such as morphogens. During development, cells and tissues undergo changes in pattern and form in a highly dynamic fashion, using a wider range of physical processes than at any other time during the organism’s life cycle.

The purpose of this advanced School is to provide both an introduction to the basic physical and biological principles of development and an overview of recent breakthroughs and promising research directions in the field. The selected topics will include morphogen signaling, somatogenesis, control of growth and division, tissue mechanics and regeneration, both in model organisms (drosophila, zebrafish, mouse) and in humans.
Invited Speakers:
James Briscoe (Crick Institute, London)
Marie-Anne Félix (ENS, Paris)
Mauro Giacca (ICGEB, Trieste)
Thomas Gregor (Princeton U.)
Anna-Katerina Hadjantonakis (Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, NY)
Frank Jülicher (MPIPKS, Dresden)
Allon Klein (Harvard Medical School)
Arthur Lander (UC Irvine)
Andrew Oates (EPFL, Lausanne)
Kenneth Poss (Duke U., Durham)
Boris Shraiman (UC Santa Barbara)
Aryeh Warmflash (Rice U., Houston)
Eric Wieschaus (Princeton U.)

The registration fee is Euro 100,
to be paid cash upon registration at ICTP.

Waiver of registration fee is offered to selected participants who are nationals of, and working in a developing country.

**DEADLINE: 05/11/2016**
**DEADLINE: 05/11/2016**


Stefano di Talia, Carl-Philipp Heisenberg, Antonio Celani ; Scientific Advisory Committee: Vijay Balasubramanian, Sanjay Jain, Vijay Kumar Krishnamurthy, Matteo Marsili, Anirvan Sengupta, Mukund Thattai, Michele Vendruscolo, Massimo Vergassola;
ICTP Local Organizer: Antonio Celani