Scientific Calendar Event

Starts 12 Jul 2016 16:30
Ends 12 Jul 2016 17:30
Central European Time
Leonardo Building - Budinich Lecture Hall
An important impetus for the development of the theory of point processes came in the early XXth century when telephone companies tried to reduce the customers' waiting time. Conrad Palm, who worked for Ericsson in Stockholm, proposed to consider the waiting time for the next call provided a call has just arrived. This beautiful idea, developed by Alexander Yakovlevich Khintchine, gave rise to the fundamental concept of Palm measures for point processes. In this introductory seminar, I will start by reviewing the classical Palm-Khintchine Theorem of the 1950's. We will then consider processes with long-range interaction, namely, determinantal point processes and study their conditional measures using Palm theory following the preprint

The elementary introductory talk is aimed at non-specialists.