Scientific Calendar Event

Starts 16 Jan 2017
Ends 27 Jan 2017
Central European Time
Kastler Lecture Hall (AGH)
On-line video lectures recorded during the Workshop are available on the MaX (EU Centre of Excellence for Materials design at the Exascale) portal.
A Docker image was also create for this Workshop, including most of the material (script, input files, pseudopotentials, etc..) used for the lab-sessions. Please, visit the link

The Workshop's Directors would like to specially thank SISSA for providing dedicated HPC resources on their Ulysses Tier-1 Linux Cluster, CINECA for providing Cloud Computer resources, and Moreno Baricevic, from CNR-IOM,  for high-level support to system management.

The goal of the Workshop is to enable participating scientists to combine the most advanced approaches to quantum materials simulation with an in-depth understanding of modern parallel architectures. The intensive program will offer theoretical and technical lectures, as well as demonstrations and dedicated hands-on sessions exploring the most relevant HPC resources for scientific production.
Participants will learn how to handle the research codes in the Quantum ESPRESSO more efficiently, and to handle the AiiDA framework to manage, store, share, and disseminate the workload. The partner Yambo code will be used to teach basic aspects of MBPT (GW and linear-response). Hands-on sessions will be held on the SISSA-ICTP facility for high-end computing.

Thanks to the generous support of a number of sponsors and donors, 35 fellowships are available for the highest ranked candidates out of a maximum number of 60 selected participants. The fellowships will be used to cover accommodation costs at the ICTP Guesthouses as follows:

  •     room costs waived for a value of 390€ for the top 10 candidates
  •     room costs waived for a value of 270€ for the next 25 best candidates

Fellowships will be granted based on scientific merit (provided on application) and granted only if attending the entire two-weeks.

ICTP Guesthouse price information is available here.

There is NO registration fee. Free meal coupons for the ICTP cafeteria will be provided to all participants.

Participation to this activity can be strongly connected to the "18th International Workshop on Computational Physics and Materials Science: Total Energy and Force Methods"

**NEW application DEADLINE (ONLY for participants not requiring VISA [developed countries]): 13/11/2016**
**DEADLINE: 16/10/2016**
**DEADLINE: 16/10/2016**


Stefano Baroni (SISSA), Matteo Cococcioni (EPFL), Stefano de Gironcoli (SISSA), Andrea Ferretti (CNR-NANO), Paolo Giannozzi (University of Udine), Nicola Marzari (EPFL), Local Organisers: Ralph Gebauer, Ivan Girotto