Scientific Calendar Event

Starts 3 Oct 2017
Ends 5 Oct 2017
Central European Time
- Georgia
The Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP, Trieste, Italy) in collaboration with Batumi Shota Rustaveli State University (BSU) is organizing a 3-day regional Conference on the Effects of climate change in South Caucasus-Black Sea region. This regional Conference will bring together scientists and students from Georgia/Caucasus/Black Sea region to initiate the dialogue and experience shearing for two main processes at play: unsustainable use of environmental resources and the global climate change. Countries in Caucasus-Black Sea region now suffer from increased frequency and intensity of extreme events such as floods, landslides, etc, as a result of the environmental changes. Such extreme events are expected to be exacerbated by climate changes. Numerical simulation and regional climate models are valuable tools to assess such impacts. The focal point will be to teach trainees how to set up the ICTP Regional Climate Model RegCM4 for the study of past, present and projected climate. The trainees will also learn how to use observational products and processing tools for climate data analysis. 

• South Caucasus-Black Sea Regional climate modeling
• Regional Climate Model system RegCM4
• Climate change and extreme events impact
• Environmental issues in the Southern Caucasus – Black Sea region
**DEADLINE: 01/04/2017**


ICTP Scientific Contact: F. SOLMON, M. KORIDZE (BSU, Georgia), I. UGULAVA (Iliauni, Geoland Ltd., Georgia), N. MESKHIDZE (NCSU, USA)