Scientific Calendar Event

Starts 10 Jul 2017
Ends 14 Jul 2017
Central European Time
Budinich Lecture Hall (LB)
Strada Costiera, 11 I - 34151 Trieste (Italy)
Deadline to apply:  28 March 2017

Recent developments in 'Many Body Localization' will be presented by leading theorists and experimentalists working in this rapidly developing field. Comprehensive review lectures, topical contributed talks and poster sessons are planned. All courses will be taught in English.

The phenomenon of Many Body Localization (MBL) is fundamental to understanding thermodynamics and kinetics of interacting quantum systems with vast potential applications to quantum computation and quantum engineering.  From the theory viewpoint, it resulted from a non-trivial development of ideas of Anderson localization, entanglement and phase transitions in interacting quantum systems. Experimentally, its observation would require the system under study to be very well isolated and to allow an unprecedented level of control. The natural experimental playground for MBL is represented by systems of ultra-cold atoms and Josephson junctions. The progress in this field so far came essentially from theoretical consideration, and now, we must promote MBL to the world of experimental physics.

Applicants who are interested in presenting a poster, should kindly submit a very short abstract (max one page, PDF format), by uploading the file in the "Upload Abstract" field on the online application form.

• Anderson localization
• Entanglement
• Phase transitions in interacting quantum systems
• Thermodynamcs and kinetics in interacting quantum systems

A very limited number of grants are available to support the travel and living expenses of a few selected participants, with strong priority given to participants working in a developing country.

  • D. Abanin (Geneva)
  • F. Alet (Toulouse)
  • J. Bardarson (MPI, Dresden)
  • D. Basko (Grenoble)
  • I. Bloch (Munich)
  • E. Bogomolny (Paris)
  • A. Chandran (Boston)
  • W. De Roeck (Leuven)
  • S. Flach (Daejeon)
  • L. Ioffe (Paris)
  • V. Khemani (Princeton)
  • C. Laumann (Boston)
  • G. Lemarie (Toulouse)
  • I. Lerner (Birmingham)
  • M. Lukin (Harvard)
  • V. Mastropietro (Milan)
  • M. Müller (PSI Villigen)
  • A. Pal (Oxford)
  • V. Ros (Paris)
  • L. Sanchez-Palencia (Palaiseau)
  • M. Serbin (Berkeley)
  • D. Shahar (Rehovot)
  • G. Shlyapnikov (Paris)
  • V. Smelyanskiy (Los Angeles)
  • M. Znidaric (Ljubljana)


Boris Altshuler (Columbia University), Vladimir Kravtsov (ICTP), Vadim Oganesyan (CUNY), Local Organiser: Antonello Scardicchio