Scientific Calendar Event

Starts 28 May 2018
Ends 1 Jun 2018
Central European Time
Kastler Lecture Hall (AGH)
Via Grignano, 9 I - 34151 Trieste (Italy)
Atmospheric neutrino experiments were the first ones to discover 20 years ago the phenomenon of neutrino oscillations, to establish existence of non-zero neutrino mass and large lepton mixing. Studies of atmospheric neutrinos are used to search for new physics beyond the 3-neutrino paradigm, including sterile neutrinos, non-standard neutrino interactions, effects of violation of fundamental symmetries of Nature.

Now the field moves to the next phase of high-precision studies, which will enable us to effectively use atmospheric neutrinos as a tool to determine the mass ordering, octant of the 2-3 mixing angle and the Dirac CP-violating phase. In this connection, knowledge of the atmospheric neutrino fluxes at percent level is needed, which requires higher precision determination of both cosmic ray fluxes and neutrino-nucleon cross sections, as well as a better control over systematics. Understanding of atmospheric neutrinos is essential to estimate background for diffuse supernova neutrinos, proton decay, future dark matter direct/indirect detection experiments, and high-energy cosmic neutrinos.

The goal of this workshop is to further explore physics potential of atmospheric neutrinos and support the physics case of new experiments on atmospheric neutrinos. We plan to bring together leading experts in both theory and experiment as well as young researchers to assess the state-of-the-art knowledge in this field and to foster further theoretical, phenomenological, and experimental studies in atmospheric neutrino physics.

The programme will be mainly composed of the invited talks. Some time will be allocated for the oral presentations selected from submitted abstracts. It will be possible to display posters during whole time of the workshop. Papers which will not be selected for oral presentations can be presented as posters. Ample time will be given for discussion.

List of Topics:

  • Results from atmospheric neutrino experiments
  • Analysis of the data and treatment of systematics
  • Cosmic ray fluxes at all energies
  • Neutrino-nucleon and neutrino-nucleus interactions
  • Computation of atmospheric neutrino fluxes
  • Prompt atmospheric neutrinos
  • Oscillations and absorption of neutrinos in the Earth
  • Neutrino tomography of the Earth
  • Determination of mixing angles, mass hierarchy, and CP-phase
  • Searches for sterile neutrinos
  • Searches for non-standard neutrino interactions
  • Tests of fundamental symmetries
  • Future experiments with atmospheric neutrinos
  • Solar atmospheric neutrinos
  • Atmospheric neutrinos as a background for diffuse supernova neutrinos, proton decay, dark matter searches
  • Atmospheric neutrinos and cosmic neutrinos
  • Synergy/Complementarity among atmospheric and LBL experiments

Scientific Advisory Committee:

John F. Beacom (Ohio State University)
Paschal A. Coyle (CPPM, Marseille)
Amol S. Dighe (TIFR, Mumbai)
Thomas K. Gaisser (University of Delaware)
Francis L. Halzen (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Takaaki Kajita (ICRR, University of Tokyo)
Edward T. Kearns (Boston University)
Eligio Lisi (INFN, Bari)
John G. Learned (University of Hawai'i)
Naba Kumar Mondal (SINP, Kolkata)
Michele Maltoni (IFT, Madrid)
Orlando L. G. Peres (Campinas State University)
Ina Sarcevic (University of Arizona)
Walter Winter (DESY, Zeuthen)

The Programme is Preliminary and some minor changes are possible.
Invited Speakers do not need to apply online.
There is no registration fee for this activity.


Sanjib Kumar Agarwalla (IOP, Bhubaneswar), Bhupal Dev (Washington University), Antonio Palazzo (University of Bari & INFN), Alexei Smirnov (MPIK Heidelberg & ICTP), Local Organiser: Atish Dabholkar