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Starts 27 Aug 2018
Ends 14 Sep 2018
Central European Time
Budinich Lecture Hall (LB)
Strada Costiera, 11 I - 34151 Trieste (Italy)

This School, aimed at graduate students and junior researchers, aims to teach a modern course in condensed matter and statistical physics. It combines basic concepts with recent structural and interdisciplinary developments. It features a combination of theory and computational courses, and seminars on experimental progress in the field.

The program will cover a broad variety of topics within condensed matter physics, emphasizing connections with related fields such as quantum information, atomic, optical and high-energy physics:
1. Statistical Mechanics: from foundations to quantum information
2. Numerical methods: high-level programming and advanced numerical methods
3. Coherent dynamics: entanglement, decoherence, phase transitions, driven systems
4. Topological quantum matter: phases and diagnostics
5. Physical implementations: cold atoms, trapped ions, nanophysics, materials.


F.  Alet (CNRS, Toulouse, France)
E.  Andrei (Rutgers University, US)
B.  Beri (University of Cambridge, UK)
I.  Bloch (MPQ, Garching, Germany)
P.  Calabrese (SISSA, Trieste, Italy)
J.  Chalker (University of Oxford, UK)
X.  Chen (Caltech, US)
J.   Dalibard (Collège de France, Paris, France)
M.  Devoret (Yale University, US)
D.  Dhar (Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Pune)
M.  Heyl (MPIPKS Dresden, Germany)
D.  Huse (Princeton, US)*
V.  Khemani (Harvard University, US)
W.  Krauth (Ecole Normale Superieure, Paris, France)
B.  Lake (Berlin Technical University, Germany)
C.  Laumann (Boston University, US)
A.  Lazarides (MPIPKS Dresden, Germany)
A.  MacKenzie (MPI-CPfS Dresden, Germany)
E.   Martinez (University of Copenhagen, Denmark)
U.  Schollwoeck (LMU Munich, Germany)
M.  Znidaric (University of Ljubljana, Slovenia)
*to be confirmed

Fill in the online application form using the link "Apply here" that can be found on the sidebar of this page.

The deadline to submit applications has expired.



Claudio Castelnovo (University of Cambridge), Paul Fendley (University of Oxford), Roderich Moessner (MPIPKS Dresden), Marcello Dalmonte (ICTP), Local Organiser: Antonello Scardicchio