Scientific Calendar Event

Starts 11 Mar 2019
Ends 15 Mar 2019
Central European Time
Abidjan - Cote d'Ivoire


West African climate is characterized by complex atmospheric dynamics and growing anthropogenic pressures. These pressures, combined with climate change and variability, have many environmental impacts. Regional climate models include now capabilities such as interactive coupling with oceans, surface hydrology, atmospheric chemistry and biogeochemical cycles. Combined with process study and observation analysis, such systems are interesting frameworks for impact assessments over West Africa. However their complexity is such that they require high computing power and appropriate “know-how”. This point has motivated the recent development of a supercomputing center at the University of Abidjan.
In this context, the school proposes theoretical and practical computing sessions on regional climate and environmental modeling. It is co-organized with the final conference of the DACCIWA project ( so that participants can benefit from both of these events. Participants are required to have a pre-existing background in Atmospheric / Earth system science and be familiar with Linux/Unix environment. English will be the spoken language during theoretical and practical sessions. 
  • Basis of regional climate and Earth System modeling 
  • Examples of climate and Earth system studies over sub-Saharan Africa
  •  Extensive hands-on regional climate and Earth system modeling sessions using HPC facilities 
  • Review and discussion of on-going projects involving climate and Earth system modeling over sub-Saharan Africa 
  • Beyond the school : Identification of regional working groups, projects and networks

**DEADLINE: 15/10/2018**


Fabien Solmon (ICTP), Abdourahamane Konare † (FHB Abidjan University), Catherine Liousse (Laboratoire d'Aerologie / CNRS), Graziano Giuliani (ICTP), ICTP Scientific Contact: Riccardo Farneti