Starts 5 Jun 2018 14:30
Ends 5 Jun 2018 16:00
Central European Time
Leonardo Building - Luigi Stasi Seminar Room
Abstract. Localization techniques have proven to be a powerful and invaluable tool for obtaining exact results in rigidly supersymmetric theories. In this talk, we will discuss how this framework can be used in the study of locally supersymmetric theories, i.e. in supergravity. We will discuss the BRST quantization of supergravity theories on spaces with an asymptotic boundary via a suitable background field formalism. When the background is restricted to have a residual isometry group, an equivariant BRST algebra arises as a deformation of the standard nilpotent BRST algebra. This equivariant algebra can then be used to localize supersymmetric partition functions or expectation values. As an illustration of this general formalism, we will revisit the derivation of the exact entropy of certain asymptotically flat BPS black holes in the Quantum Entropy Function formalism. We will also present recent results for the exact entropy of asymptotically AdS BPS black holes and compare with exact results previously obtained in the dual CFT.