Starts 7 Jun 2018 11:45
Ends 7 Jun 2018 12:15
Central European Time
Leonardo Building - Luigi Stasi Seminar Room
It is well known that fictitious gauge fields are induced by strain and elastic deformations in graphene. But the interference effects attributed to these gauge fields remain almost unexplored. In this talk, I will show how the supercurrent passing through the graphene-based Josephson junctions can be influenced by the gauge fields. In particular we find that the Josephson current is monotonically enhanced in the presence of a constant pseudo-magnetic field induced by arc-shape strain. On the other hand, when both magnetic and pseudo-magnetic fields are present, Fraunhofer-like oscillations as function of the real magnetic field flux are found. Intriguingly, the combination of two kinds of gauge fields results in strong localization of the Josephson current density and also appearance of large inflated vortex cores. These findings reveal unexpected interference signatures of strain-induced gauge fields in graphene SNS junctions mainly originated from the time-reversal symmetric property of the pseudo-magnetic fields and provide unique tools for sensitive probing of the pseudomagnetic fields.