Scientific Calendar Event

Starts 18 Feb 2019
Ends 22 Feb 2019
Central European Time
ex-SISSA Main Auditorium (1st week) and LB Budinich Lecture Hall (2nd week)
Via Beirut, 2 - Strada Costiera, 11 I - 34151 Trieste (Italy)
The fast growing use of quantum theory in technology-oriented and information-related fields is attracting the interest of an increasing number of researchers, especially young ones. The reborn interest in quantum physics has created a unique framework in which theoretical and experimental physics can fruitfully dialogue with information theory and computer science. The School intends to convey such an interdisciplinary spirit to graduate students and young researchers and will focus upon three themes,

i) Quantum dynamics in the macro-world: quantum coherence and entanglement
ii) Quantum theory as an interdisciplinary paradigm: quantum information and simulation
iii) Quantum physics as a technology boost: quantum devices and machines

emphasizing their inter-relations and covering the relevant background material, that will be taught by nine renowned experts in the above fields.
The School is followed by a more specialized Workshop in which students attending the School are invited to participate.

The Workshop Web page is


Angelo Bassi (University of Trieste, Italy), Fabio Benatti (University of Trieste, Italy), Roberto Floreanini (INFN, Trieste, Italy), Local Organiser: Marcello Dalmonte