Scientific Calendar Event

Starts 16 Sep 2019
Ends 20 Sep 2019
Central European Time
Budinich Lecture Hall (LB)
Strada Costiera, 11 I - 34151 Trieste (Italy)
This activity is part of a two-week event consisting of

Week 1: School and Workshop on Mixing and Control (16 - 20 September)
Week 2: School and Workshop on Random Matrix Theory and Point Processes
                (23 - 27 September)

To participate in both activities you need to submit two distinct applications.
Week 1:  Please click on the link "Apply here" on the left hand-side column
Week 2:  Please apply at:
DEADLINE for requesting participation for both weeks:  15 MAY 2019


A. Agrachev, SISSA, Trieste
A. Bufetov, Marseille & Steklov Institute
T. Grava, SISSA & Bristol
A. Guionnet, ENS Lyon
S. Kuksin, Paris & Shandong University

Local Organizer:
S. Luzzatto, ICTP, Trieste

The topics to be discussed at the activity are at the forefront of current research in Random Matrix Theory, Point Processes, Dynamical Systems and Control Theory.

One of the main goals of the School and Workshop is to bring this material to both established and young mathematicians from all developing countries. Mini courses will be given as well as more advanced reserach seminars.

The activity will be organized as two thematic weeks on interrelated topics. Each week will consist of one or two mini courses and some seminar speakers.

Week 1: Mixing and Control
Mixing and control central topic is the study, with the help of the mathematical control theory, of ergodic and mixing properties of dynamical systems stochastically perturbed by a very degenerate noise. This concerns the systems governed by nonlinear PDEs and ODEs. We also plan to discuss mathematical aspects of the non-equilibrium statistical physics and some other topics.

Week 2: Random Matrix Theory and Point Processes
The second week will focus on point processes arising in the study of random matrices such as determinantal point processes. These point processes satisfy the Kolmogorov 0-1 Law and the Central Limit Theorem of Soshnikov, are rigid in the sense of Ghosh and Peres and obey an analogue of the De Finetti Theorem. Palm-Khintchine theory for our point processs will be emphasized, as well as the connection with the theory of integrable systems. Numerous open problems will be discussed, in particular, those related to pfaffian point processes.

  • Point process;
  • Random matrices;
  • Integrable probability;
  • Integrable systems;
  • Mixing;
  • Stationary measure;
  • Markov systems;
  • Nonholonomic constraints;
  • Controllability;

A. Agrachev, SISSA, Trieste
A. Bufetov, Marseille & Steklov Institute
A. Guionnet, ENS Lyon
S. Kuksin, Paris & Shandong University

F. Augeri, Weizmann, Israel
F. Baudoin, Purdue Univ.
C. Bordenave, Toulose, France
U. Boscain, CNRS, Sorbonne Univ.
A. Bufetov, MIT
M. Cafasso, Angers, France
*I. Corwin, Columbia University
N. Cuneo, University Paris-Diderot
A. de Bouard, Ecole Polytechnique
A. Debussche, ENS Rennes
A. Dymov, Steklov Insitute, Moscow
J-P. Eckmann, University of Geneva
*L. Erdoes, Wien, Austria
N. Glatt-Holtz, Tulane University
H. Guan, Tsinghua University
V. Jaksitch, McGill University
I. Krasovsky, Imperial College
M. Krishnapur, Bangalore, India
*A. Kupiainen, University of Helsinki
K. Mc Laughlin, Colorado State University
V. Nersesyan, University of Versailles
P. Nikitin, Steklov, St. Petersburg
G. Olshanski, ITP, RAS, Russia
S. Peche, LPSM, Paris, France
Y. Qiu, CNRS, France
A. Ramirez, Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile
R. Raquepas, University Grenoble Alpes (Institut Fourier)
T. Sasamoto, Chiba, Japan
M. Shcherbina, Kharkov, Ukraina
A. Shirikyan, Cergy-Pontoise
N. Tzvetkov, University of Cergy Pontoise
A. Veselov, Loughbourogh University
*H-T. Yau, Harvard

* to be confirmed


A. Agrachev (SISSA, Trieste), A. Bufetov (Marseille and Steklov Institute), T. Grava (SISSA & Bristol), A. Guionnet (ENS, Lyon), S. Kuksin (Paris & Shandong University), Local Organiser: Stefano Luzzatto