Scientific Calendar Event

Starts 2 Nov 2019
Ends 9 Nov 2019
Central European Time
Guwahati - India

M.B.I. REAZ, University of Kebangsaan Malaysia
B. TIRU, Gauhati University, India

ICTP Scientific Contact:
ICTP, Italy

Local Organizing Committee:
H.J. Goswami,
Gauhati University, India
H.K. Kalita, Gauhati University, India
J.J. Laskar, Gauhati University, India
P. Phukon, Gauhati University, India
D. Saikia, Gauhati University, India
C. Sarma, Gauhati University, India
K.K. Sarma, Gauhati University, India
U. Sarma, Gauhati University, India
A. Tamuli, Gauhati University, India

A. Nizar, SoC Products, Microsemi, U.S.A.
P. Bazargan Sabet, Universite' Pierre et Marie Curie (VI), France
K.S. Mannatunga, University of Sri Jayewardenepura, Sri Lanka
S.H. Md Ali, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia
C.A. Sisterna, Universidad Nacional de San Juan, Argentina

The School will cover key aspects of fully-programmable Systems-On-Chip (SoC) and its applications to advanced scientific instrumentation.

The first two days of the activity will be dedicated to the 2019 Second International Conference on Advances in Electrical, Electronic and System Engineering (ICAEESE 2019).  Specific information about the Conference can be found at:
The School will contain theoretical lectures, tutorials and assisted hands-on laboratory sessions on modern SoC development hardware platforms. 

The School will be primarily addressed to researchers, teachers and advanced students from the Asia-Pacific region who need to master modern FPGA-based SoC technologies for their scientific and academic activities.

The School and Conference will provide a forum for researchers, teachers and advanced students to cross the geographical boundaries for pursuance of science and technology through fruitful interactions, discussions and presentations.  The activity will also act as a window enabling the participants to get a glimpse of trends of research in an era of borderless science.  The exposure to talks by renowned Speakers will be motivations for young minds to pursue research as a career and thereby building manpower for overall social development.

  • Review of Fully-programmable SoC Architectures;
  • Software Automation Tools;
  • SoC Design Methodologies;
  • Hardware/Software System Design;
  • FPGA and VHDL for Modeling and Logic Synthesis;
  • Embedded C Language Programming;
  • Real-time Data Acquisition, Processing and Transmission;
  • Laboratory Sessions for Hands-On Training and Experimentation.


Selected participants will also enjoy the
waiver of the ICAEESE 2019 registration fee



Scientific ICTP Contact: M. L. Crespo (ICTP)
Organizers: A. Cicuttin (ICTP), M.L. Crespo (ICTP), M.B.I. Reaz (University of Kebangsaan Malaysia), B. Tiru (Gauhati University, India)