Starts 2 Oct 2018 16:30
Ends 2 Oct 2018 18:00
Central European Time
Leonardo Building - Euler Lecture Hall
Strada Costiera 11 34141 Trieste, Italy
A special Maths colloquium entitled “On the functional equation of automorphic L-functions" will be given by Prof. Ngô Bảo Châu. Prof. Châu is a Francis and Rose Yuen Distinguished Service Professor at the Department of Mathematics of the University of Chicago, USA; Scientific Director, VIASM, Vietnam Institute for Advanced Study in Mathematics. Ngô Bảo Châu is a Vietnamese-French mathematician at the University of Chicago, best known for proving the fundamental lemma for automorphic forms proposed by Robert Langlands and Diana Shelstad. He is the first Vietnamese national to have received the 2010 Fields Medal “For his proof of the fundamental lemma in the theory of automorphic forms through the introduction of new algebro-geomatric methods". The other winners of the 2010 Fields Medal were: Cédric Villani, professor of mathematics at the ENS (École Normale Supérieure) in Lyon and director of the Institut Henri Poincaré (UPMC/CNRS), Elon Lindenstrauss, professor at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and Stanislav Smirnov of UNIGE (University of Geneva).
The abstract of the Prof. Châu's talk will follow shortly.
The event will take place at 16.30 hrs, in the Euler Lecture Hall, ICTP. Light refreshments will be served afterwards.