Scientific Calendar Event

Starts 10 Jun 2019
Ends 28 Jun 2019
Central European Time
Week 1 and 2: Giambiagi; Week 3: day 4 and 5 Budinich; Week 1, 2 and partial of 3 (from 10 to 26 June): Lundqvist
I - 34151 Trieste (Italy)
      This school combines lectures and hands-on exercises in the use of open source modelling tools integrating climate, land-use, energy and water systems, electricity access and investment issues for model-informed policy formulation towards the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and Geospatial data and software management: Introduction to the Spatial Data Infrastructure.        
     Leading academics and researchers working in the field of model-informed development strategies provide three weeks of intensive training of government officials from countries participating in projects on analysis and modelling capacity development sponsored by UKAID, World Bank Group and other development organizations. Participants perfect their modelling and analysis skills about the operation and extension of their national models, incorporate and test new and evolving policy issues and contribute to the practice of evidence-based policy formulation regarding national sustainable development policies.
    The suite of OpTIMUS modelling tools includes the geospatial electricity access model OnSSET (, the energy system and investment model OSeMOSYS ( and CLEWS - the integrated Climate, Land, Energy and Water System model (


  • Climate variability and change
  • Land use planning and change
  • Energy systems
  • Water resources
  • Socioeconomic scenario modelling
  • Integrated modelling for energy systems
  • Geo-spatial modelling
  • Medium to long term energy investment modelling


  • T. Alfstad, USA, UNDESA
  • C. Rogate, USA, World Bank Group
  • M. Howells, Sweden, KTH
  • D. Konadu, UK, University of Cambridge
  • D. Russo, Germany, IRENA
  • T. Niet, Canada, BCIT
  • E. Pereira Ramos, Sweden, KTH
  • H. Rogner, Austria, OpTIMUS community  and IIASA.
  • A. Shivakumar, UK, OpTIMUS community
  • V. Sridharan, Sweden, KTH
  • U. Gankhuyag, New York, UNDP

Participation in this activity is by invitation only and no general applications can be accepted for this event.


Mark Howells (KTH), Local Organiser: Adrian Tompkins