Starts 25 Feb 2019 09:00
Ends 1 Mar 2019 17:30
Afe Babalola University
Afe Babalola University, Ado Ekiti (ABUAD), Ekiti State, Nigeria
Atmospheric science (ATMS) involves the study of Earth's atmosphere, its processes, dynamics and interaction with other systems and other atmospheric coupling processes. The School focuses mainly on some fundamentals in Atmospheric science (ATMS), Remote sensing, Aeronomy, and Climate science as well as their respective processes, dynamics and interaction with other atmospheric coupling processes. At the end of the school,we intend to achieve the following: - To give a road map for career opportunities in Physics and Mathematics with main focus in Geophysics (ATMS), re-orientate upcoming research scientist and also re-define careers as far as ATMS study is concern. - To create an avenue to mentor and provide technical support to interested and motivated students. - To create an awareness and appropriate mind preparation regarding ATMS beyond the conventional classroom teaching. As well as stimulating intellectual growth to help students develop interest in ATMS research. - To provide a theoretical introduction to ATMS , that our universit ies does not have the person power to provide as well as giving hands-on experience leading classes that would enable the students to analyze real atmospheric data. - To teach some basic programming skills (Python programming) as a tool for scientific computation and geo-representation of data.