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Starts 24 Feb 2020
Ends 28 Feb 2020
Central European Time
Al Hoceima - Morocco
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This SCHOOL is part of a two-week event consisting of

Week 1: School on Quantum Information Theory and Thermodynamics at the Nanoscale (24 - 28 February 2020)
Week 2: Workshop on Quantum Information Theory and Thermodynamics at the Nanoscale (2 - 6 March 2020).

Pre-arrival practical Information provided by the organizers in Morocco

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The topics of these activities (School, 24 - 28 February, and Workshop, 2 - 6 March) are at the forefront of current research in the field of quantum technologies, a fast growing research area involving questions of both fundamental and practical relevance.
What are role and value of coherence and entanglement in solid state devices in quantum information, and in the working and efficiency of mesoscopic quantum engines?
What are the mechanisms behind thermalization of closed quantum systems and what is the role of non-Markovianity in the physics of quantum information?
These and other issues will be covered during the School and subsequent Workshop addressed to graduate students and junior researchers, providing them with the opportunity of a good training and the possibility to meet some leading experts in the field.

Grants:  A limited number of grants are available to support the attendance of selected participants, with priority given to participants from developing countries. There is no registration fee. 
  • Open Quantum Systems
  • Non-equilibrium Quantum Dynamics
  • Complex Quantum Systems
  • Quantum Machine Learning
  • Many-body Quantum Systems
  • Physical Foundations of Quantum Information
Giuliano BENENTI, University of Insubria, Italy
Andreas BUCHLEITNER, Albert-Ludwigs University of Freiburg, Germany
Steve CAMPBELL, University College Dublin, Ireland
Dariusz CHRUŚCIŃSKI, Nicolaus Copernicus University of Torun, Poland
Elisa ERCOLESSI, University of Bologna, Italy
Matteo PARIS, University of Milano, Italy

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ICTP Secretariat for both School and Workshop on  Quantum Information Theory and Thermodynamics at the Nanoscale (24 February - 6 March 2020):
Nicoletta Ivanissevich, e-mail:

------------ See also related Workshop on Quantum Information Theory and Thermodynamics at the Nanoscale (smr.3500), 2 - 6 March 2020 --- FIRST DEADLINE: 10 November 2019 --- SECOND DEADLINE 24 November 2019 (only for applicants not requesting financial support, nor needing visa)
**DEADLINE: 10/11/2019**


Alexia Auffèves (Institut Néel-CNRS, Grenoble), Fabio Benatti (University of Trieste), Abderrahim El Allati (University Abdelmalek Essaadi, Al Hoceima), Morad El Baz (University Mohammed V, Rabat), Yassine Hassouni (University Mohammed V, Rabat), Massimo Palma (University of Palermo), Mauro Paternostro (Queen's University, Belfast), ICTP Scientific Contact: Antonello Scardicchio