Scientific Calendar Event

Starts 17 Feb 2020
Ends 21 Feb 2020
Central European Time
Makerere - Uganda

N. Bonimpa, Research and Education Network for Uganda (RENU)
L. Chemane, Mozambique Research and Education Network (MoRENet)
M. Kashorda, Kenya Education Network (KENET)
M. Mushi, Tanzania Education and Research Network (TERNET)
J. Sansa-otim, Makarere University, Uganda
M. Zennaro, ICTP, Italy

ICTP Scientific Contact:  M. Zennaro, ICTP, Italy

The involvement of National Research and Education Networks (NREN) in East Africa is key for the growth of Internet of Things (IoT) applications in the region, as they can host the access infrastructure to foster research in IoT and to serve the IoT community at large.
The growth of the Internet of Things will depend crucially on the establishment of a low cost infrastructure to handle traffic generated by IoT nodes. Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) solutions based on open standards that address the requirements of scalability, heterogeneity, security and complexity will be presented in the Workshop.
We will focus on The Things Network (TTN), an initiative to build a world-wide open source infrastructure to facilitate a public Internet of Things. TTN operates by allowing users to share the access to gateways. We think NRENs in the region should play a leading role in hosting this infrastructure. As TTN allows for low-bandwidth communications over long distances, it can facilitate the deployment of applications relevant to East African countries.
• Wireless solutions for IoT;
• LoRa and LoRaWAN protocols;
• Prototyping of sensor boards;
• Planning and deployment of a LPWAN network;
• Collection and visualization of the data.

A limited number of grants are available to support the attendance of selected participants, with priority given to participants from East Africa. There is no registration fee.

The Workshop is organized in collaboration with:
UbuntuNet Alliance
Internet Society
MoRENet - Mozambique Research and Education Network
Makarere University, Uganda
Kenet - Kenya Education Network
RENU - Research and Education Network for Uganda
TERNET - Tanzania Education Research Network
NSRC - Network Startup Resource Center
**DEADLINE: 06/12/2019**


Lourino Chemane (Mozambique Research and Education Network (MoRENet), Mozambique), Meoli Kashorda (Kenya Education Network (KENET), Kenya), N. Mbonimpa (Research & Education Network for Uganda (RENU), Uganda), Magreth Mushi (Tanzania Education and Research Network (TERNET), Tanzania), Julianne Sansa-Otim (Makerere University, Uganda), ICTP Scientific Contact: Marco Zennaro