Scientific Calendar Event

Starts 12 Oct 2020
Ends 16 Oct 2020
Central European Time
Budinich Lecture Hall (LB)
Strada Costiera, 11 I - 34151 Trieste (Italy)
Note: ICTP has suspended all educational activities from 24 February as precautionary measures due to COVID-19; more details at

Dynamical Systems and Ergodic Theory constitute a vibrant and exciting field of current research in pure mathematics, with lots of connections to other areas such as probability theory, differential geometry, ODEs, and potential applications to such diverse areas as natural and biological sciences, economics, engineering, climate and disease modeling and many others. It can be thought of as a modern development of classical theories of Differential Equations and the fundamental concepts and guiding ideas go back more than a century to pioneering thinkers such as Poincaré, Birkhoff and Kolmogorov. Its interest and importance has only grown in time and several Fields Medals have been awarded in the area.

The present Workshop is part of a long standing tradition of Dynamical Systems and Ergodic Theory activities at ICTP that was initiated by J. Palis and C. Zeeman in the early 1980s, and continued by Ya. Sinai, J.-C. Yoccoz and others.

It will address a wide range of topics in this field, including:
    • dynamics of one-dimensional maps
    • homoclinic and heteroclinic behavior, fractal dimensions
    • partially hyperbolic systems, dominated splittings
    • singular hyperbolic flows
    • conservative dynamics, KAM theory
    • dynamics in homogeneous spaces
    • billiards, interval exchanges, Teichmüller flows
    • dynamics of rational and entire functions
    • symbolic dynamics, thermodynamic formalism
    • stochastic behavior of deterministic systems  
    • Lyapunov exponents, nonuniform hyperbolicity

The list of invited speakers reflects the diversity of these subjects. Their lectures will constitute the basis of the programme, but posters sessions are also planned, which will give participants an opportunity to present their works.

Artur AVILA, IMPA Rio de Janeiro and Zurich
Pierre BERGER, Paris
Christian BONATTI, Dijon
Sylvain CROVISIER, Paris
Danijela DAMJANOVIC, KTH, Stockholm
Laura DEMARCO, Northwestern
Lorenzo DIAZ, PUC, Rio de Janeiro
Giovanni FORNI, Maryland
Adam KANIGOWSKI, Maryland
Holly KRIEGER, Cambridge
Isabelle LIOUSSE, Lille
Carlangelo LIVERANI, Rome
Luna LOMONACO, IMPA, Rio de Janeiro
Micheal LYUBICH, Stony Brook
Luca MARCHESE, Paris
Stefano MARMI, Scuola Normale Pisa
Gustavo MOREIRA, IMPA, Rio de Janeiro
Maria Jose PACIFICO, UFRJ, Rio de Janeiro
Liviana PALMISANO, Durham
Enrique PUJALS, CUNY, New York and IMPA, Rio de Janeiro
Federico RODRIGUEZ-HERTZ, Penn State
Samuel SENTI, UFRJ, Rio de Janeiro
Barabara SCHAPIRA, Rennes
Khadim WAR, IMPA, Rio de Janeiro
Amie WILKINSON, Chicago



Jacopo De Simoi (Toronto, Canada), Corinna Ulcigrai (Zurich, Switzerland), Marcelo Viana (IMPA, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil), Local Organiser: Stefano Luzzatto