Scientific Calendar Event

Starts 20 May 2020 11:00
Ends 20 May 2020 12:00
Central European Time
Zoom Meeting
In this talk I will present our recent experimental results on the antimonene/bismuth selenide interface. We performed STM at the CNR-Tor Vergata in Rome and ARPES at the VUV beamline at ELETTRA. Scanning tunnelling microscopy measurements show the presence of moiré patterns attributed to differently oriented domains of antimonene, and areas of the surface in which antimonene is lattice-matched with the bismuth selenide substrate. The two kinds of domain are attributed to the alpha- and to beta-phase of antimonene. Moreover, we studied the conditions according to which the beta-phase can be favoured with respect to the alpha-antimonene phase. This discovery allowed us to perform ARPES measurements on one and two bilayers of beta-antimonene as single domains. The non-trivial band structure features the presence of a substantial hybridization between antimonene and bismuth selenide states. DFT calculations simulate almost perfectly the electronic band structures allowing us to infer the effects of the proximity between a conventional (antimonene) and a topological (bismuth selenide) insulator.