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Starts 15 Sep 2020
Ends 17 Sep 2020
Central European Time
Online -
The online Workshop is supported by ICTP.

This online Workshop will recapitulate the fundamental concepts of nano-and optomechanical systems and introduce the key concepts behind future potential nano- and optomechanical technologies.
To account for the breadth of the field, the workshop will consist of nine talks delivered by international experts.  These talks will reflect the fields which currently attract the highest scientific interest and/or application potential and cover landmark implementations of nanomechanical systems. They also represent a good balance between experimental and theory perspectives, fundamental recurrent topics and modern topics which only developed in the last couple of years, as well as between classical and quantum mechanical aspects of nanomechanics.


M. ASPELMEYER, University of Vienna, Austria
A. BLESZYNSKI JAYICH, University of California in Santa Barbara, USA
Y. CHU, ETH Zurich, Switzerland
A. CLERK, University of Chicago, USA
M. DYKMAN, Michigan State University, USA
J. HARRIS, Yale University, USA
S. HUBER, ETH Zurich, Switzerland
A. SAFAVI-NAEINI, Stanford University, USA

*Posters* Everyone is invited to submit links to posters, which will be displayed on the website
Please follow the instructions there on how to submit the link. The poster website will be briefly advertised during the workshop and participants are encouraged to directly contact the poster authors.

*Poster flashes* Wednesday, Sep 16, after the talks, starting around 7pm, we will give any interested participant the opportunity to present their poster using 2 slides within 3 minutes.


Eva Weig (University of Konstanz, Germany), Yaroslav Blanter (TU Delft, The Netherlands), Florian Marquardt (Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light, Germany), Local Organiser: Mikhail Kiselev