Scientific Calendar Event

Starts 29 Sep 2020 14:00
Ends 29 Sep 2020 16:00
Central European Time
Zoom meeting Meeting ID: 475-819-702 If you haven't registered for previous QLS webinars, please contact to obtain the PASSWORD for this zoom meeting. Biological systems are able to replicate information with outstanding accuracy. In biochemical pathways such as those leading to DNA duplication or protein translations, different monomers can be distinguished because of equilibrium free-energy differences or via non-equilibrium mechanisms. I will show how, in simple copying reactions, these two discrimination modes are mutually exclusive and lead to opposite tradeoffs between error, dissipation and reaction velocity. In multi-step reactions, such as in kinetic proofreading, these different modes can be combined to improve overall accuracy. In the second part of my talk, I will present recent results about fluctuations in accuracy and speed of these reactions.