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Starts 15 Mar 2021
Ends 17 Mar 2021
Central European Time
Online -
An ICTP Virtual Meeting

This workshop will focus on observational and modelling studies of the Indian Ocean climate and its variability and telconnections to other regions across sub-seasonal through multi-decadal time scales.
The Indian Ocean hosts two important modes of interannual variability: the Indian Ocean Basin Mode and the Indian Ocean Dipole. Both modes have two-way interactions with ENSO, but they may also exist independently. Through their influence on rainfall anomalies, they have important teleconnections to other tropical and extratropical regions.  At sub-seasonal scales, organized convection over the Indian Ocean occurs during the early phases of the MJO mode, producing global teleconnections. ENSO teleconnections to the Indian Ocean also change on sub-seasonal timescales. At decadal scales, the Indian Ocean shows important variability associated with a strong warming trend, which affects global decadal variability and regional climate change. Recent findings on these and related topics will be discussed in invited presentations, panel discussions and breakout groups, organized in sessions covering themes common to different time scales.  

  • Observations and diagnostics of oceanic and atmospheric variability in the Indian Ocean basin
  • Tropical and extratropical teleconnections from and into the Indian Ocean at intra-seasonal to decadal scales: similarity and differences across time scales
  • Simulation of Indian Ocean variability and its teleconnections in climate models, and predictability arising from Indian Ocean teleconnections
Speakers include:
K. ASHOK, University of Hyderabad, India
W. HAN, University of Colorado, USA
S. HARDIMAN, Met Office, UK
S. HENDERSON, University of Wisconsin, USA
H. HENDON, Bureau of Meteorology, Australia
S. HU, Columbia University, USA
I.-S. KANG, Second Institute of Oceanography, China
R.M. KOLL, IITM, India
P. KUSHNER, University of Toronto, Canada
J. WANG, Stony Brook University, USA
T. WOOLLINGS, University of Oxford, UK
P. YADAV, ETH Zurich, Switzerland
L. ZHANG, University of Colorado, USA
Registration: There is no registration fee.


Martin Hoerling (NOAA), Jim Hurrell (Colorado State University), Franco Molteni (ECMWF), Cristina Stan (George Mason University), David Straus (George Mason University), Local Organiser: Fred Kucharski