Starts 31 May 2021
Ends 11 Jun 2021
Central European Time
Online -
The School is live-streamed on the ICTP YouTube page at the following link:

An ICTP Virtual Meeting

The goal of the school is to give a detailed overview of particle physics from the basics of Standard Model phenomenology to the most important areas where significant progress has been achieved recently.
The school is especially targeted to PhD students in high energy physics, but qualified MSc students in their last year as well as young postdocs can also apply.

Lecturers and topics:
N. ARKANI-HAMED (IAS Princeton) - Physics at Future Colliders
C. BOEHM (Sydney University) - Astroparticle Physics
M. CACCIARI (LPTHE and Université de Paris) - QCD Physics for Colliders
V. DOMCKE (CERN and EPFL) - Gravitational Waves from the Early Universe
S. GORI (UC, Santa Cruz) - Standard Model
Y. HOCHBERG (Hebrew University) - Non-WIMP Dark Matter Models
T. LIN (UC, San Diego) - New Directions for Dark Matter Searches
I. ROTHSTEIN (Carnegie Mellon University) - Effective Field Theory for Gravitational Waves

Registration: There is no registration fee.

**DEADLINE: 23/05/2021**


Nathaniel Craig (UCSB), Joan Elias-Miró (ICTP), Andrea Romanino (SISSA), Kathryn Zurek (Caltech), Local Organiser: Giovanni Villadoro