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Starts 1 Aug 2022
Ends 5 Aug 2022
Central European Time
Online -
An ICTP Virtual Meeting

Subtropical hotspots of climate change are clear in paleo, present, and future climates. However, treatment of the subtropics as the margin between low- and mid-latitude dynamics has limited advancement of subtropical theory and prediction, undermining regional efforts to manage climate risks.

This workshop aims to invigorate new research focused on subtropical dynamics, extremes, and prediction. This event follows a focused subtropics session at EGU2022. The format will combine plenary talks, breakout discussions, and collaboration spaces to plan and prototype new theory and analysis approaches and potential climate service products. Outcomes will include proof-of-concept analysis approaches, a perspective paper setting out priority research areas for future subtropical research, and further development of subtropical dynamics research networks. We particularly welcome contribution to these planned discussions from early career researchers working in subtropical regions from across the globe. The virtual workshop programme will be structured to enable collaboration with colleagues from across time zones.

  • The annual cycle of subtropical regions and changes to this seasonality.
  • Paleoclimate perspective on subtropical climates.
  • Subtropical wave dynamics and their role in dynamical convergence zones, monsoon fluctuations, and extremes.
  • Synoptic systems and extreme regimes of the subtropics incl. tropical-extratropical cloudbands, cut-off lows, mid-latitude cyclones, subtropical cyclones and anticyclones, droughts and floods.
  • Surface-atmosphere (land and ocean) interactions.
  • Model (S2S to climate) representation of subtropical processes.
  • Predictability and prediction systems for the subtropics.
  • Outlook for climate services in the subtropics.

Registration: There is no registration fee.


Marcelo Barreiro (Universidad de la Republica, Uruguay), Ross Blamey (University of Cape Town, South Africa), Josephine Brown (University of Melbourne, Australia), Caio Coelho (National Institute for Space Research (INPE), Brazil), Neil Hart (University of Oxford, UK), Benjamin Lintner (Rutgers University, USA), Marcia Zilli (University of Oxford, UK), Local Organiser: Riccardo Farneti (ICTP)