Starts 9 May 2022
Ends 13 May 2022
Rabat - Morocco

The Regional Workshop on GNSS and Space Weather will be held online and in presence in Morocco, Rabat.

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Below programme is indicated according to Moroccan local time (UTC+1).
For those attending the workshop online: if you check the programme details through the buttom on the left of this page, time appears adjusted to your local time zone (i.e. adjusted to your computer system time). Nevertheless, we suggest that you double-check the corrisponding time zone for your place.

Monday, 9 May 2022 - DAY 1

Registration of all participants in presence
09:30 Opening Ceremony 50'
10:20 Introduction to CRASTE-LF 20'
        Speaker: Anas Emran (CRASTE-LF, Rabat)
10:40 The ICG and its program on GNSS Applications 20'
        Speaker: Sharafat Gadimova (UNOOSA, Vienna)
11:00 Coffee break 30'
11:30 Les connexions soleil-terre et la météorologie de l'espace: Une approche historique 1h0'
       Speaker: Christine Amory-Mazaudie (Sorbonne Université, Paris)
12:30 Lunch break 1h0'
13:30 Introduction to GNSS 1h30'
       Speaker: John Raquet (Integrated Solutions for Systems), Virtual
15:00 Coffee break 30'
15:30 Sun-Earth Connection 1h0'
        Speaker: Christine Amory-Mazaudie (Sorbonne Université, Paris)

Tuesday, 10 May 2022 - DAY 2

09:00 Introduction to the Ionosphere 1h0'
         Speaker: Sandro Maria Radicella (Boston College), Virtual
10:00 Equatorial Ionosphere: Electrodynamics, Features 1h0'
       Speaker: Akeem Babatunde Rabiu (Centre for Atmospheric Research, Kogi State University Nigeria),      

11:00 Coffee break 30'
11:30 Ionospheric Measurements with GNSS Signals 1h0'
        Speaker: Kouadio Olivier Obrou (Université FHB de Cocody, Abidjan)
12:30 Lunch break 1h0'
13:30 Small-scale Ionospheric Irregularities 1h0'
Speaker: Keith Michael Groves (Boston College), Virtual
14:30 Open discussion 30'
15:00 Coffee break 30'
15:30 Ionospheric Effects on GNSS Augmentation Systems 1h0'
         Speaker: Todd Walter (Stanford University), Virtual

Wednesday, 11 May 2022 - DAY 3

09:00 Introduction to Ionospheric Modeling 1h0'
        Speaker: Bruno Nava (ICTP)
10:00 The NeQuick Model Code and Uses 30' Speakers: Yenca Migoya-Orue' (ICTP), Virtual
10:30 TBD 30'

11:00 Coffee break 30
11:30 Space Weather in Morocco 1h0'
         Speaker: Aziza Bounhir (Faculty of Sciences, Mohammed V University)
12:30 Lunch break 1h0'
13:30 Risk Awareness for Equatorial Plasma Bubbles and Scintillations 1h0'
        Speaker: Rezy Pradipta (Boston College), Virtual
14:30 Space Weather Effects on Society 30'
        Speaker: Patricia H. Doherty (Boston College), Virtual

Thursday, 12 May 2022 - DAY 4

09:00 The ESA Monitor Project: Ionospheric Scintillation Variability over Africa 1h0'    
Speaker: Yannick Beniguel (IEEA, France)
10:00 The NORISK Project: New Observatory for Realtime Ionospheric Sounding over Kenya 30'
        Speaker: Claudio Cesaroni (Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia, Rome)
10:30 SANSA Infrastructure and Opportunities 30'
        Speaker: Petrus Cilliers (South African National Space Agency Space Science Directorate), Virtual
11:00 Coffee break 30'
11:30 TEC Evaluation from GNSS Measurements 1h0'
       Speaker: Claudio Cesaroni (Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia, Rome)
12:30 Lunch break 1h0'
13:30 Ionospheric Sensing with Radio Occultations 30'
        Speakers: Keith Groves (Boston College), Virtual
14:00 The Madrigal Database 1h0'
         Speakers: Anthea Jane Coster (MIT Atmospheric Sciences Group), Virtual
15:00 Coffee break 30'
15:30 Ionospheric Scintillation Monitoring and Mitigation Using GNSS 1h0'
        Speaker: Yu Tong (Jade) Morton (University of Colorado), Virtual

Friday, 13 May 2022 - DAY 5

09:00 Mobile Phones for Ionospheric Measurements 1h0' Speaker: Frank van Diggelen (Google)
10:00 Mobile Phones Practical Laboratory 1h0' Speaker: Frank van Diggelen (Google)
11:00 Coffee break 30'
11:30 Instruction: Creating an App on a Mobile Phone 1h0'  Speaker: Mohammed Khider (Google) 12:30 Lunch break 1h0'
13:30 Practical Laboratory - Creating your App on a Mobile Phone 1h30'
        Speaker: Mohammed Khider (Google)
15:00 Workshop Closing 1h0'

 * * *


C. AMORY, Sorbonne University, France
A. BOUNHIR, University Mohammed V, Rabat
P. CILLIERS, SANSA, South Africa
P. DOHERTY, Boston College, USA
K. GROVES, Boston College, USA
M. KHIDER, Google, USA
B. NAVA, ICTP, Italy
Y. J. MORTON, University of Colorado, USA
O. OBROU, University FHB, Côte d’Ivoire
R. PRADIPTA, Boston College, USA
S.M. RADICELLA, Boston College, USA
J. RAQUET, Integrated Solutions for Systems, USA
T. WALTER, Stanford University, USA


• Introduction to GNSS
• GNSS Applications
• Sun-Earth coupling and Space Weather
• Ionospheric Irregularities
• Introduction to Ionospheric Monitoring 
• Introduction to Ionospheric Modeling

Space Weather refers to conditions on the Sun, in the solar wind, magnetosphere, ionosphere and thermosphere, which can influence the performance and reliability of a variety of space borne and ground-based technological systems.

Space Weather is recognised as the cause of significant errors experienced by Global Satellite Navigation Systems (GNSS), including Satellite Based Augmentation Systems (SBAS). GNSS or SBAS signals, propagating from a satellite to a receiver on the ground, pass through the ionosphere where they are subject to Space Weather effects. Under these conditions pseudorange errors and signals scintillations at user receiver level may be present. The purpose of this workshop is to give an introduction to the physics of ionosphere and to provide a basic knowledge on GNSS systems and their scientific and technological applications. Particular attention will be devoted to Space Weather research with GNSS data in the African Countries.
A limited number of grants are available to support the attendance of selected participants, with priority given to participants from developing countries.
There is no registration fee.
Female scientists are encouraged to apply.
Deadline for application is over.

**DEADLINE: expired on 13/03/2022**
**DEADLINE: 13/03/2022**


Patricia Doherty (Boston College), Anas Emran (CRASTE-LF), Sharafat Gadimova (UNOOSA), ICTP Scientific Contact: Bruno Nava (ICTP STI Unit)