Scientific Calendar Event

Starts 23 May 2022
Ends 27 May 2022
Central European Time
Strada Costiera, 11 I - 34151 Trieste (Italy)
An ICTP Online Meeting

Communications skills, professional inter- and intra-personal skills, and career management are all much easier to learn and benefit from when taught explicitly rather than picked up casually in the course of technical training. This workshop is designed for scientists of all ages interested in being more successful scientists, colleagues, and mentors.
  • Scientific Presenting
  • Scientific Writing & Editing
  • Communications Barriers
  • Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace
  • Mentoring
  • Decision Making & Leadership
  • Career Planning & Advancement
  • Networking
  • Cross-Cultural Collaboration
  • Social Mediafor Scientists
  • Getting & Giving Feedback
  • Building Effective Work Cultures
  • Customizing Messaging for Audiences
  • Conflict Management
  • Science Diplomacy & Policy
  • Science Outreach & Engagement

Call for participants: Scientists of all ages are welcome to apply. This workshop is suitable for PhD students, postdoctoral fellows, early career scientists, and senior scientists looking to become better managers and mentors, and teach professional skills to their mentees.

Registration: There is no registration fee.

**DEADLINE: 06/05/2022**


Stephane Kenmoe (Universitaet Duisburg-Essen, Germany), Ali Hassanali (ICTP, Italy), Local Organiser: Kelsey Calhoun (ICTP)