Starts 8 Aug 2022
Ends 19 Aug 2022
Central European Time
Kastler Lecture Hall (AGH)
Strada Costiera, 11 I - 34151 Trieste (Italy)
In-situ radiation measurement with portable detectors is the most important tool used to discover the presence of radioactive elements in the environment, as well as to determine their hazard in a fast and non-destructive way.
This workshop will allow participants to exchange experiences on using portable radiation monitors for in-situ measurements and directly compare performance of instruments under real-time conditions. Participants are encouraged to bring their own portable detectors to the training!
It will enhance the skills of participants to choose best options, tools and processes for analyses, and to gather experience in different detectors and their optimal use. This will foster ability to perform adequate field measurements for environmental monitoring, decommissioning, and remediation projects. Several methods for achieving the measurement results will be demonstrated.
  • Hands-on training on use of portable detectors including geo-referenced measurements collected with stationary, backpack, and UAV-borne systems.
  • Comparison of performance of portable detectors, including dose rate meters, surface contamination monitors, HPGe, and scintillation spectrometers.
  • Efficiency calibration of high-resolution gamma spectrometers for field measurements (object/soil geometry).
  • Outlining field measurement strategies for radionuclide concertation, dose rate, and surface contamination.
  • Data handling and interpretation for creation of maps, including interpolation based on geo-statistics.
A limited number of grants are available to support the attendance of selected participants, with priority given to participants from developing countries.
There is no registration fee.

**DEADLINE: 12/06/2022**


Roman PADILLA ALVAREZ (IAEA, NSIL, NPAC, Austria), Petr SLADEK (IAEA, NSIL, NPAC, Austria), Local Organiser: Maria Liz Crespo (ICTP)