Scientific Calendar Event

Starts 19 Sep 2022
Ends 30 Sep 2022
Central European Time
Nis - Serbia

Complex signals are ubiquitous in non-equilibrium physics, biophysical processes, and in the noise of measurement devices.

The school will provide advanced tools from information theory, statistical physics and machine learning to offer participants key knowledge on stochastic analysis and modelling.

  • Control theory                       
  • Entropy foundations
  • Mean field theory and inference methods
  • Information theory
  • Biophysics
  • Stochastic thermodynamics


Ada ALTIERI (Paris Diderot University, France) -- online --
Andre C. BARATO (University of Houston, USA) -- online --
John BECHHOEFER (Simon Fraser University, Canada)
Raphael CHETRITE (Universite Cote d'Azur, Nice, France)
Andjelka HEDRIH (Mathematical Institute of SASA, Belgrade, Serbia)

Jan KORBEL (Complexity Science Hub Vienna, Austria)
Jelena MANOJLOVIC  (University of Nis, Serbia)
Juan MR PARRONDO (Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain)
Dimitri PETRITIS (Univeristy of Rennes, France) -- online --
Edgar ROLDAN (ICTP Trieste, Italy)
Iva TOLIC (R. Boskovic Institute Zagreb, Croatia) --online colloquium--
Volunteers: Bogdan Djordjević (MISANU, Belgrade, Serbia), Katarina Djordjević (PMF, University of Nis, Serbia)

The event is partially supported by the Republic of Serbia Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development and OeAD - Austria's Agency for Education and Internationalisation, through the project ITEMCS (no. 337-00-577/2021-09/28), and through the visiting program for the stay of researchers from abroad in the Republic of Serbia by invitation.




Raphael Chetrite (Universite Cote d'Azur, Nice, France), Andjelka Hedrih (Mathematical Institute of SASA, Belgrade, Serbia), Velimir Ilic (MISANU), Lazar Stojković (PMF, University of Nis, Serbia), ICTP Scientific Contact: Edgar Roldan (ICTP)