Scientific Calendar Event

Starts 13 Jun 2022 15:00
Ends 13 Jun 2022 16:00
Central European Time
 A seminar jointly co-organized by
STI Unit & Marie Curie Library

Venue: ICTP Marie Curie Library

Philip SMITH and Steve SONG
(NSRC, Network Startup Resource Center, University of Oregon, USA)

Two short talks delivered by the Network Startup Resource Center team will address the human development of the Internet through the communities of Network Operator Groups around the world, followed by an exploration of the physical cartography of the Internet. The second talk will highlight the need for greater transparency of open data to make the Internet more available and affordable, including improved access to global scientific communities, remote scientific instruments, and shared data resources.

- Philip SMITH (NSRC)
NOGs and their impacts on Internet infrastructure development
Network Operator Groups have had a profound impact on the growth of the global Internet since the mid 1990s. Early this century saw the formation of more and more regional and country NOGs, as more operations communities realised the benefit that collaboration, knowledge sharing, and training brings. The talk looks at the history of the network operator groups, and discusses some of the impacts of the NOG phenomenon of this century.

- Steve SONG (NSRC)
Internet Infrastructure and Open Data
Public availability of information about internet infrastructure is extremely variable, as is the quality of that information. Governments and commercial investors are unable to make informed decisions on investment in internet infrastructure in underserved regions without access to holistic, standards-based information about internet infrastructure. Open data standards can ensure that information gathered on internet networks will be comparable, aggregatable, accessible, reusable, and conform to commonly agreed upon definitions of access.
Link to NSRC, Network Startup Resource Center, University of Oregon, USA: