Scientific Calendar Event

Starts 31 May 2004
Ends 9 Jun 2004
Central European Time
Trieste - Italy
Main Building Main Lecture Hall
Regional climate models are very important climate research tools available to scientists from developing countries. The ICTP Physics of Weather and Climate (PWC) group maintains and distributes a state-of-the-art regional climate model (RegCM), which is currently used by a wide research community for a range of studies. This community forms the basis of a regional climate research network (RegCNET) aimed at developing research projects related to climate change issues over different regions of the world. The workshop is intended to provide lectures and hands-on sessions on the theory of regional climate change and regional climate modeling as well as the use of the RegCM modeling system. The workshop will also provide a forum for current and future participants to the RegCNET to review and discuss their project results and plans. A limited number of participants is envisioned, with proven experience in atmospheric modeling and a strong interest in regional climate studies. The workshop will cover the following topics: - The physical processes that regulate regional climates; - Climate change at the regional scale; - Uncertainties in regional climate change projections; - Regional climate modeling; - The ICTP-PWC regional climate model (RegCM); - Current applications of the RegCM.


F. Giorgi, J. Pal and L. Sloan