Scientific Calendar Event

Starts 27 Mar 2008
Ends 4 Apr 2008
Central European Time
Trieste - Italy
Leonardo da Vinci Building Main Lecture Hall
The Aim of the activity is to provide pedagogical treatment of these subjects in the form of a series of lectures by individual speakers. The activity is intended for theoretical physicists or mathematicians with knowledge of quantum field theory, general relativity and string theory. TOPICS: • Physics of Black Holes / Black Rings • Dynamical Supersymmetry Breaking • String Cosmology • The String Landscape • Physics Beyond the Standard Model • Gauge / Gravity Correspondence • Mathematics of String Theory LECTURERS INCLUDE: R. BOUSSO (UC Berkeley) J. de BOER (University of Amsterdam) R. EMPARAN (ICREA & Universitat de Barcelona) S. KACHRU (Stanford University & SLAC) G. MOORE (Rutgers University) L. McALLISTER (Cornell University) S. MINWALLA (TIFR) Y. NOMURA (UC Berkeley) A. SEN (HRI)


J. de Boer, E. Gava, S. Kachru, K.S. Narain, S. Randjbar-Daemi