Scientific Calendar Event

Starts 23 Mar 2009
Ends 31 Mar 2009
Central European Time
Trieste - Italy
Leonardo da Vinci Building Main Lecture Hall
TOPICS: • Physics of Black Holes • Gauge / Gravity Correspondence • Scattering Amplitudes in SYM and Supergravity • Physics Beyond the Standard Model • Holographic QCD • Holographic Condensed Matter The Aim of the activity is to provide pedagogical treatment of these subjects in the form of a series of lectures by individual speakers. The activity is intended for theoretical physicists or mathematicians with knowledge of quantum field theory, general relativity and string theory. LECTURERS INCLUDE: J. de BOER (University of Amsterdam) C.P. HERZOG (Princeton University) S. KACHRU (Stanford University & SLAC) J.M. MALDACENA (IAS Princeton) J. POLCHINSKI (Santa Barbara KITP) R. ROIBAN (Pennsylvania State University) S. SUGIMOTO (Tokyo University, IPMU) N. WEINER (New York University)


J. de Boer (University of Amsterdam), E. Gava (INFN), S. Kachru (Stanford University & SLAC), K.S. Narain (ICTP), S. Randjbar-Daemi (ICTP)