Scientific Calendar Event

Starts 15 Jun 2009
Ends 26 Jun 2009
Central European Time
Trieste - Italy
Leonardo da Vinci Building Main Lecture Hall
The purpose of this School is to give a detailed overview of the field of particle physics with its achievements and problems. The School will cover the most important and perspective areas in connection to the forthcoming results from the LHC. TOPICS * LHC: Collider, Detector, Status * Introduction to Collider Phenomenology * Higgs Boson and Electroweak Symmetry Breaking * B Physics and CP Violation * Supersymmetry * Physics of Extra Dimensions * Astroparticle Physics * Neutrino Physics LECTURERS INCLUDE: Cedric DEFFAYET (APC, Paris) Daniel DENEGRI (DSM / DAPNIA, CEA / Saclay) Tao HAN (Wisconsin University) Konstantin MATCHEV (Florida University) Alex POMAROL (University Autonomous of Barcelona) Riccardo RATTAZZI (ITPP, Lausanne) Luca SILVESTRINI (INFN, Rome) Todor STANEV (Bartol Research Institute) Francesco VISSANI (INFN, Gran Sasso) In view of the late opening of the application forms, please note that the deadline for requesting participation has been extended to Friday, 20 March 2009.


Directors: Bobby ACHARYA (ICTP), Georgi DVALI (New York University), Gino ISIDORI (INFN, Frascati), Goran SENJANOVIC (ICTP), Alexei Yu. SMIRNOV (ICTP)