Starts 14 Dec 2009
Ends 25 Dec 2009
Central European Time
Hanoi - Viet Nam
Nanophysics has emerged in the last decade as a new distinct sub-branch of physics. It deals with the fundamental physical phenomena that take place at the nanoscale and that find application in the rapidly developing field of nanotechnology. Theoretical and computational aspects of Nanophysics will be covered during this activity. The school is intended for young promising scientists (students and researchers) from Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia, and other South-East Asian countries. Topics: - Introduction to nanophysics - Physics of carbon nanotubes - Physics of graphene and graphene nanoribbons - Mesosocopic systems - Quantum dots - Nanowires, nanoclusters and nanostructures on surfaces - Computational approaches based on: o Density functional theory o Molecular dynamics === INVITED LECTURERS: I. L. Aleiner (Columbia Univ., New York) B.L. Altshuler (Columbia Univ., New York) K. Efetov (Ruhr Universität Bochum) V.I. Falko (University of Lancaster) P. Fulde (MPI, Dresden / APCTP, Pohang) Y. Galperin (University of Oslo) R. Gebauer (ICTP, Trieste) M. Kiselev (ICTP, Trieste) V.E. Kravtsov (ICTP, Trieste) F. Mauri (Université Paris VI) M.B. Nardelli (N. Carolina State Univ.,Raleigh) S. Scandolo (ICTP, Trieste) R. Shekhter (Chalmers University, Göteborg) E. Tosatti (SISSA, Trieste)


Directors: B.L. Altshuler, M.N. Kiselev, V.E. Kravtsov, N.V. Lien, S. Scandolo. Local Organizer: N.H. Quang.