Scientific Calendar Event

Starts 26 Oct 2009
Ends 7 Nov 2009
Central European Time
Trieste - Italy
Leonardo da Vinci Building Euler Lecture Hall
Brief Description of the topics to be covered: Geothermal Energy Resources ➢ World status; ➢ Regional electricity source mix and forecasts until 2030 ➢ Geothermal vs Coal , Natural gas, Oil, Nuclear, other Renewables ➢ Benefits of domestic geothermal resources versus fossil fuel imports Exploration strategies for geothermal resources ➢ Geological and tectonic characteristics of world geothermal systems ➢ Examples from Collision zones ➢ continental platforms ➢ heat sources Geochemical exploration methods ➢ Dissolved constituents in thermal waters; ➢ Isotopes in geothermal waters; ➢ Water and gas geothermometers. Geophysical exploration methods ➢ Heat flow measurements, ➢ Direct current and electromagnetic methods, ➢ Active and passive seismic methods ➢ Borehole and reservoir geophysical methods ➢ Gravity Method World overview - Power generation & technologies ➢ Criteria for the selection of working fluid; ➢ Heat exchangers; ➢ Kalina cycle ➢ Cost of small power plants for rural electric supply; ➢ Examples of small power plants; ➢ Advantages of small power plants ➢ Hot dry rock geothermal systems World overview - direct use ➢ Direct use - methods & machinery ➢ Greenhouse heating ➢ Industrial Applications ➢ Down hole heat exchangers ➢ Ground-source heat pumps ➢ Space & District heating Development of business strategy for geothermal energy for power and direct use ➢ Exploration, Economical & Environmental aspects Objectives: ➢ To provide basic knowledge on the geothermal energy resources exploration and its application for power generation and direct use; ➢ To provide advanced technical knowledge, methods and implementation tools for the application of geothermal energy for power generation and direct use through lectures and tutorials and case studies/histories; ➢ To provide knowledge on the economic and environmental aspects of geothermal energy; ➢ Field visit to geothermal areas in Italy.


Directors: D. Chandrasekharam, F. Batini, R. Bertani, A. Manzella, M. Pipan. Local Organizer: G. Furlan