Scientific Calendar Event

Starts 6 Apr 2010
Ends 23 Apr 2010
Central European Time
Trieste - Italy
Adriatico Guest House Kastler Lecture Hall
Global Navigation Satellite Systems provide an enabling technology that can make major contributions to economic growth and societal betterment worldwide. International organizations have recognized this fact and have initiated the deployment of infrastructure to allow Africa to exploit this technology. Unfortunately, these developments have been slow due to limited funding and a short supply of educated workers to support GNSS activities in Africa. The educational program of this workshop, like the workshop in 2009, is directed to prepare a future knowledgeable GNSS African workforce that is necessary for the sustainability of this revolutionizing science and technology. The workshop will include formal lectures, and hands-on practice particularly oriented towards the scientific exploration using GNSS. Space weather and ionospheric research activities will be stressed in an effort to initiate space science research programs in African universities, and support existing groups in the field. The workshops will be taught by worldwide experts in GNSS science and technology.


Directors: Patricia H. Doherty, Sandro M. Radicella.