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F. GERMANI (Italian Ministry of Interior, Italy)
F. QUEVEDO; F. FORMICA; M. GREGORIC; G. PFANZELTER (ICTP; Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs; IAEA; CEI)
J. CROFT (Senior Consultant - former Head of Emergency Response at Health Protection Agency U.K.)
V. KRYUCHENCOV; A. BRAUNEGGER-GUELICH (Hungarian Atomic Energy Authority (HAEA); IAEA, Vienna)
W. POTTER, M. GREGORIC, A. BRAUNEGGER-GUELICH (Centre of NonProliferation Studies (CNS), U.S.A.; IAEA; IAEA)


Directors: A. Braunegger-Guelich (IAEA), Claudio Tuniz (ICTP)